The monument to Sir Anthony Paulet (1562-1600) and Lady Katherine Paulet (1553 – 1602) at Hinton St George, Somerset

The large parish of Halberton contained many historic manors which over time were owned by several different landowners.  Two of the most significant of these landowning families until the nineteenth and twentieth centuries respectively were the Pouletts and the Wyndhams, both from Somerset. 

The three manorial surveys of land in Halberton (1658, 1696 and 1700) are just a few of many such surveys of tenancies of the wider Poulett estate held in the Somerset Heritage Centre.  These surveys of land held of the lord of the manor detail the tenants, type of tenancy, the holding, rent and yearly value.  The age of tenants is sometimes entered after their name. 

We are extremely grateful to a member of the Halberton History Group for undertaking the painstaking work of transcribing the original documents and giving permission for the transcripts to be published here.  

There are several pdf files listed below, which link to the documents. You are strongly advised to read the two introductory documents first, which provide a guide to manorial surveys and an introduction to the definitions and conventions etc used in producing these transcriptions.

·         Guide to Manorial Surveys

·         Introduction to the Poulett Manorial Surveys transcripts

·         Halberton Boys 1658, transcript

·         Halberton Boys 1696, transcript

·         Halberton Boys 1700, transcript

·         Halberton Deane 1658, transcript

·         Halberton Deane 1696, transcript

·         Halberton Deane 1700, transcript

·         John Donne 1753, transcript


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